Abs and Back

Best Fitness BFINVER10 Inversion Table
$130.00 $235.00

Best Fitness BFINVER10 Inversion Table

The Best Fitness Inversion Table takes advantage of gravity to relieve pressure in your back. In one smooth motion you can go from an upright position to inverted. Just adjust the unit to accommodate your height and strap the ankle cuffs on. Then lean back and enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy, including less back and neck pain, fewer headaches, better posture, improved blood flow, and stress relief. A stable base supports a comfortably padded nylon backboard. A spring-loaded safety strap ensures stability during inversion. A graduated scale on the extension bar allows simple, fast adjustments to accommodate users.  A simply pull on two pins collapses it and folds it away in a closet.

  • Padded nylon backboard
  • Spring-loaded safety strap
  • Adjustable ankle cuffs
  • Two pin collapse-and-fold design
  • Weight: 51 lbs.

Body Solid GIB2 Hanging Inversion Boots
$62.40 $99.00

Body Solid GIB2 Hanging Inversion Boots

Inversion boots allow you to recover quickly from compression fatigue caused by jogging, aerobic training, stepping, bicycling and weight training. . Hanging in the inverted position brings instant relief to many forms of back pain and spasms associated with consistent downward gravitational pull on the spine, discs and muscles. Just a few minutes a day are sufficient to spread apart painful compressed discs. Back, neck and shoulder muscles are also stretched, further increasing flexibility and reducing pain.

  • Thick, comfortable, contoured support pads
  • Heavy-duty single-action locking mechanism
  • Built-in safety lever
  • Extra pads for all size users
  • Requires a horizontal bar to hang from

Body Solid GAB350 Semi-Recumbent Dual Ab Bench
$253.00 $500.00

Body Solid GAB350 Semi-Recumbent Dual Ab Bench

 Increase or Decrease Resistance! Work your abs to perfection by allowing you to increase or decrease resistance with weight plates. Having trouble finishing a set of crunches using your own weight as resistance? Simply add weight to the plate holder to the rear of the machine for assistance. Crunches are as comfortable as they are effective with extra thick and durable Durafirm seat pads. Unique design provides easy entry and exit. Effective in isolating the entire abdominal region. Adjustable seat pad, roller bar (4 range of motion adjustments) and foothold to fit all users. Olympic plates only

Dimensions: 65” L  x 27” W  x 43” H


Body-Solid GCAB360 Ab and Back Machine
$337.84 $715.00

Body-Solid GCAB360 Ab and Back Machine

This unique dual-function machine allows you to exercise two major muscle groups (the stomach and back) for one great low price. The innovative plate-load design is based on health club single station machines. We even incorporated 2” x 4” mainframe steel from our commercial grade line of equipment for institutional quality. The full-range cam design has an easy-to-use pop pin that allows an additional 26 adjustments to increase and control your range-of-motion. Break-through technology lets you tighten abdominal muscles, strengthen your lower back and increase flexibility.

  • Positioned at a 30° angle for precise biomechanical movement
  • 2"x 4" mainframe steel for exceptional Light Commercial quality
  • Easy-to-use pop-pin that allows adjustments to increase and control the user’s range-of-motion
  • Adjustable lifting arm can be positioned for exercising both the abdominal and back muscles
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • Weight plate post is 1" dia
  • 43"H x 60"L x 46"W

Photos show optional Olympic Adapter Sleeves OAS14, weight plates, collars


seated row
Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine
$349.00 $640.00

Body Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine

This is the tool of the trade for building depth in the middle back and training the hard to reach lower lats. Our uniquely designed Seated Row Machine is fully adjustable to fit all size users. The extra-thick DuraFirm seat and chest pads position you for maximum pre-stretch which is crucial for deep muscle penetration an full range-of-motion. Four-way handgrips widen or narrow to target resistance to the middle back resulting in accelerated muscle gains.

  • Easy access plate load system
  • Oil-lite bronze bushings at all pivot points
  • Extra-thick foam padded foot braces
  • DuraFirm™ chest and seat pads
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • 39"H x 54"L x 44"W
  • Note: Weight Plates, Adapter Sleeves not included

Body-Solid Power Ab Wheel
$10.00 $12.99

Body-Solid Power Ab Wheel

The Body-Solid Power Ab Wheel gives you one of the best core and upper body sculpting and toning exercises you can get. The Ab Wheel targets your abs, shoulders, arms and back for a strength building workout.

  • Targets your abs, shoulders, arms and back
  • Dual wheels for greater stability
  • Comfortable, easy grip handles

Powerline PAB139X Ab Board
$109.00 $210.00

Powerline PAB139X Ab Board

A flatter stomach and a slimmer waistline will be yours as you crunch your way into shape. Thick, 8" oversize foam rollers keep you locked in position while the 22" back pad accommodates even the tallest user.

  • Incredibly effective in isolating the entire abdominal region
  • Oversize 8" Foam Rollers for comfort and stability
  • Electrostatically applied powdercoat finish
  • Dimensions: 25”H x 39”L x 17"W  

Powerline PAB21X Abdominal Trainer Bench
$109.00 $210.00

Powerline PAB21X Abdominal Trainer Bench

Perform sit-ups and crunches easily, effectively, and safely with full range abdominal resistance. The Curved back is specially designed to place you in an automatic pre-stretch position. Full-range motion adjusts from 30 degrees back of center to 30 degrees forward of center. Back pad is infinitely adjustable for a customized workout no matter your size. Perform tricep extensions with ease in addition to abdominal workouts. For smooth operation and freedom of movement, the ball bearing pulley is both extra-wide and sealed. Lightweight and easily moved.

  • Plate Loaded
  • Curved Backpad
  • Perform tricep extensions too
  • Dimensions: 37" L x 18" W x 37" H
  • Weight: 46 pounds



Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair
$129.00 $275.00

Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair

The roman chair  is mainly used for the lower back, but can also target the glutes, hams, and abs. Bodyweight can provide significant resistance in all variations, and additional weight can be added to increase difficulty.

Inhale Exercise is to bend forward from the hips, lowering the chest towards the floor, while keeping the lower neck straight. Exhale Exercise is to straighten the body to return to the start position to complete one rep.

Spinal Extension Exercise is a type of lower-back hyperextension performed to strengthen the lower back, especially the erector spinae. The chair holds a person in place, lying prone, as he or she bends at the waist and then extends the body upward. Spinal Flexion Exercise is also used to perform exercises for the abdomen. An exerciser lies supine with their hips supported on the rear (weight on the gluteus maximus) as they bent backwards and lift themselves up with their rectus abdominis while stabilizing the pelvis with the hip flexors. If the pelvis moves during the exercise then the hip flexors will also be dynamic prime movers.

  • 2" x 2" heavy ga. steel construction
  • Extra-wide base eliminates rocking
  • Dimensions: 36"H x 46"L x 25"W

Powerline PGM200X Glute Machine
$259.00 $525.00

Powerline PGM200X Glute Machine

The PGM200 Glute Machine is designed to totally isolate your glute muscles to sculpt a rounded, toned posterior. It provides a fantastic lower body exercise. Quality rollers, comfortable pads and simple adjustments make this machine easy to use and comfortable for any user. The Glute Machine targets the gluteal muscles, the muscles that form the buttocks. Gluteals are one of the main muscle groups responsible for holding your body upright, but they can be tough to isolate and strengthen using traditional gym exercises.

  • Works each leg individually
  • Adjustable forearm pads slide forward and backward
  • Standard plate post allows you to load weight plates



Powerline PHYP200X Back Hyperextension
$165.00 $330.00

Powerline PHYP200X Back Hyperextension

Relieves lower back pain, fights compression fatigue, increases flexibility and circulation.  The PHYP200X is a combination inverted back extension and oblique flexor, set at a 45° angle.  Telescoping midsection pads adjust to all size users and feature thick, double stitched pads for comfort and support. 8" foam rollers hold you securely in place. Fully adjustable 4" thick midsection pads provide maximum comfort for all size users.

  • Strengthens Back and Abdominal Muscles
  • Telescoping midsection
  • Fully adjustable 4" thick midsection pads
  • 8" foam rollers
  • Assembled Dimensions: 33"H x 42"L x 26"W

Spud Inc. Hanging Ab Straps

Spud Inc. Hanging Ab Straps


If you want one piece of ab equipment to work every part of your abs, then the Spud Inc hanging ab straps are for you.

The hanging ab straps are constructed from durable webbing that will not fall apart or cut into your arms like most hanging ab equipment does. The webbing is wide and will support most of you upper arm, making it a more comfortable alternative for bigger guys. Plus, you don't have to worry about whether it will support your weight. At 1500 lbs. of tensile strength in the webbing, Spud, Inc. hanging ab straps have even the biggest powerlifters covered.

The hanging ab straps come with spring clips big enough to fit most any pull-up bar. With the Spud Inc hanging ab straps it is possible to train your upper abs, lower abs, and even your obliques using only one piece of ab equipment. Whether you are looking for rock hard strong abs or a chiseled six-pack you can get it done with the hanging ab straps.


  • Length: with included clip, each strap hangs approximately 28.5" from top of bar
  • Width: 5.5"

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